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Welcome to British Canyoneers

British Canyoneers is the first official amateur club for canyoning / canyoneering in the UK.  Formed by canyoneers for canyoneers to provide and grow, a friendly and inclusive community of like minded people who ultimately just want to get out there and enjoy the canyons in a safe and enjoyable group.


What is Canyoning

Canyoning or Canyoneering is an adventure sport undertaken within a unique setting, specifically, canyons!


Canyons vary significantly from one to the other, they can be steep sided gorges, slot like ravines or have wide open sides.  They can be very aquatic or can be completely dry, but regardless of the type of canyon the object of the sport is the same, the decent of a natural watercourse.

The features and type of Canyon will determine what skills and techniques will be required to descend the canyon, but generally the decent will include Rappelling/Abseiling of large drops or waterfalls, down climbing and in aquatic canyons jumping into pools and sliding down natural waterslides.


Adventure Is Better With Friends

As the Uk's first official canyoneering club, british canyoneers has affiliated with the BMC, this affiliation provides the clubs members not just with discounts from various equipment suppliers but also with world-wide combined liability insurance.






Club Meets


Club Experiences

Great trip to Ouray in Colarado for some jaw dropping scenery and verticailty. Well organised from start to end. Brilliant local knowledge and guiding from Andy Humphreys. Would love to go again!



Club News

Interested in what the club has been unto, then check out the latest post from the club and va

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