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About the Club

British Canyoneers is the first official amateur club for Canyoning in the UK, affiliated with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), to provide it's members with a proactive and friendly community for UK Canyoneers.

From the Chairman's Kitbag

First and foremost, British Canyoneers is not a governing body for the sport.   British Canyoneers is a club for like minded people who want to go out and enjoy canyoning in the UK and beyond.  We see the club as a means of growing people's enjoyment of the sport through holding canyon meets up and down the UK and doing other things between meets.  

We are open to all levels of Canyoneer, including professionals and actively encourage all UK geographies to play a part and take the lead.


Adventure & Experience

We believe that it is the role of Club not just to organise UK and international meets for club members, but also to sustain people's interest and curiosity in between events and peoples own training, through organising and facilitating things like webinars or online training provided by various training providers.

Safety First

As previously stated British Canyonners is not a governing body, but we do have rules like any other hazardous activity/sport and encourage our members to grow their competence in the sport.

A number of the club members, although recreational  Canyoneers, are qualified at ICOPro AIN &
UKCA Level 1 Guide.


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