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Want to Join the Club?

British Canyoneers currently only offer one level of membership, this level comes with associated benefits. Active membership is for those who want to physically go canyoning, BC may introduce other levels of membership in the future for those who only want to attend club social and online events.

Club Benefits - Active Member

As an Active member you will have voting rights at all club meetings and the AGM, you will be eligible to attend all official club events.  Active membership includes associated membership to the *BMC (British Mountaineering Council) with 3rd party insurance, and a 15% discount with Cotswold Outdoor and Snow&Rock.  Active members will also benefit from discounts negotiated by the club with various equipment suppliers and training providers

* (if already a BMC member your 2nd membership can be claimed back from the BMC)


Joining Process

To become a member, click the "Become a Member" button below and signup for the membership plan that suits you.

To become a Active Member you must already be a competent 
cannoneer, after applying for membership you will be invited to attend at minimum of one club trip as a probationary member, where a member of the committee is present.  If the committee is satisfied that you have demonstrated the required level of competency, they will endorse your application for Active membership.

Conference Seating
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