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Why British Canyoners came about

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The committee of British Canyoneers is made up of recreational canyoneers, none of us make a living as guides or centre operators. As the sport has grown in the UK over the last few years, and during that time it has become more and more apparent of a gap or need within the sector for a place for the keen amateur to develop their skills and confidence.

This gap/need is where British Canyoneers comes in, becoming that place for the keen amateur and hopefully producing a symbiotic relationship with training providers and becoming a useful resource to all.

We Are Not A Training Organisation

“We aim to be a group of likeminded people who can enjoy the unique environments our combined skills let us access.”

We hope to be the place that adventure companies can send excited, interested individuals to, where they can become a club member and gain confidence in the canyon environment, within a group of their peers. Our expectation is that some of these members will then return to the adventure companies to further their training, we believe that with this cycle of development that many more people will maintain an interest in canyoning.

Club Calendar

There is a plan to have 4 or 5 meets within the UK every season, and, in addition the aim is to organise some international trips as well. A number of the committee have had experience of international trips, both organised and self-built. Organised trips are fantastic but by their very nature, costs go up pretty quickly. We aim to initiate international trips: -set a date and location with itinerary and then allow members to make their own way and organise accommodation to their personal taste and budget. ( #exploration #adventure #canyoning )

The Social Side

A weekend of great canyoning with good food a few drinks and music.”

Canyoning is a social sport, where we depend on each other to make it down safely. With that team mentality in mind, we are also keen to organise canyoning festivals for members. The vision would be a weekend of great canyoning with good food a few drinks and music. We hope to have training providers and equipment suppliers involved too, could be an epic few days!

Be Part Of Something

We want to be an organisation that allows us all to get better at what we do, be a place where even professionals can come, be a team member, and just enjoy the trip! Where we learn new skills and don’t even realise it. Some of our best days can be in canyons and it’s even better when we share those experiences!

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